100 million year old dinosaur footprints

A trove of more than 85 well-preserved dinosaur footprints has been exposed near Hastings, U.K., thanks in part to erosion…

Volcano eruption as seen from the International Space Station

Like some creepy sky jellyfish.

How different ions color flames

Curiosity rover spots Mars moon

Curiosity rover spots Mars moon Phobos disappearing into the planet’s shadow in the Martian twilight.

Hammer counterbalancing ruler on the edge of a table

Two forks and a match, balancing on the edge of a glass Hammer counterbalancing ruler on the edge of a…

Amazing textures & bubbles.

This phenomenon happens when the ice freezes over and methane gas gets trapped, creating amazing textures & bubbles. They use…

Camera dropped down a 650m-deep (2100 ft) hole to study how global warming will affect Antarctica

Global warming is a serious matter, and with daily we are getting affected by it. Certain measures need to be…

Lake baikal

Located in south-east Siberia, the 3.15-million-ha Lake Baikal is the oldest (25 million years) and deepest (1,700 m) lake in…

Mt St Helens losing its side during an eruption

May 18, 1980. We were a couple hundred miles away (near Spokane), but were inundated by the resulting ash cloud….